The Technical Assistance Collaborative provides support to Chicago-area Jewish organizations to become more strategic and resilient.

About Us

The Technical Assistance Collaborative (TAC) was founded to assess and address the emerging needs of organizations during the COVID-19 crisis. TAC continues to support organizations and leaders looking to level up their capacity to serve Chicago’s Jewish community.

TAC provides expertise and resources through workshops, cohort learning, and customized consultation. TAC connects organizations with an array of expertise in areas that build their capacity like team building, organizational culture, strategic fundraising, financial planning, and more. 

Professional staff and volunteer leaders who participate in these opportunities will gain the skills and tools they need to maximize their missions. Together, we will help our community remain strong, collaborative, and resilient.

Calendar of Events

An effective board of directors is essential to the success of organizations, providing critical thought partnership and enduring access to diverse skill sets, networks, and funding. Despite the impact potential […]

May 2

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2023 Employee Experience Survey

Leading Edge’s Employee Experience Survey provides insight into employees’ experiences at work, allowing organizations to identify strengths and growth areas. Since 2016, 395 organizations and over 40,000 employees have taken the survey and learned about the changes needed to transform their organizational culture.

This year, Chicagoland Jewish organizations that take the Employee Experience Survey will receive free, custom support to put their learnings into action.