The Technical Assistance Collaborative provides support to Chicago-area Jewish organizations to clarify problems resulting from the COVID-19 crisis, identify solutions, and scale recommendations.

About Us

As nonprofit organizations navigate what feels like crisis after crisis, a rapidly changing landscape of needs continues to arise that very few entities have the capacity to address. Local Jewish funders and JUF, in partnership with Boardified, founded the Technical Assistance Collaborative (TAC) to assess and address these emerging needs of organizations.

TAC provides technical support, expertise, and resources through webinars, cohort learning, consultation, and customized support. TAC connects organizations with an array of expertise in areas such as scenario planning, capacity-building, board development, employment law, health and safety, virtual facilitation, technological skill development, and more.

Professional staff and volunteer leaders who participate in these opportunities will gain the skills and tools they need to maximize their missions. Together, we will help our Chicago Jewish community stay strong, connected, and resilient.

Calendar of Events

Conflict is a reality in our organizations, particularly in a distributed or hybrid work environment. Together, let’s uncover the five modes of conflict, your conflict preferences, how to be versatile in your approach, and learn best practice methods for conflict resolution.

December 9

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Effective communication allows leaders to cut through the noise, and bring greater focus and alignment to their teams. Learn how to provide clarity even when the outcomes are unknown, the key questions that develop consistency for your team, and the role that vulnerability plays in authentic communication.

January 19

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One-on-one Consulting Support is a matching program connecting organizations with vetted service providers to work through specific operational challenges brought on or accelerated by the pandemic. Engagements with providers are limited in scope to help address these specific needs and provide additional short-term expertise. Applications from eligible organizations are accepted on a rolling basis.

Technological Assistance Microgrants aim to alleviate immediate technological needs and support organizational resiliency during this pandemic. All applications for microgrants are currently closed. Learn more here.

Unfortunately, due to limited resources, we are not able to support every organization that applies. If you have other questions, please contact us at